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Choose your style according to your course...

Curseur COOL FX.png

Playlist with lounge/jazzy/cool music
adapted for relaxation or deep reinforcement lessons

Curseur MID FX.png

Mix with music at a BPM 128-130,

in blocks of 4 X 8 beats
Examples : muscle building, gym tonic, Bokwa©, aqua soft or bike...

Curseur SOFT FX.png

Playlist with multi-style music with varied rythms, adapted for muscle building classes, body bars courses,
soft bike
... BPM from 100 to 150 
according to the songs

Curseur SPEED FX.png

Mix with music at a BPM 140,
in blocks of 4 X 8 beats

Exemple : Step, LIA, Top Cardio, Aquatonic...

... And order your mix below !!!

                      Move On Mix is also :

  • Zumba® warm-up 

  • course finals

  • personalized mix/playlist  for Tabata®/Hiit®/Circuit training...

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